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  • Mercedes Moreno & Alexa Maithé Henry

Pure White

Words + poetry by Mercedes Moreno, illustration by Alexa Maithé Henry

I dedicate my life to cheese after my grandmother shared this craft with me.

Cheese making has given me the time to meditate into the deep process of transforming milk into a solid curd. However milk is by itself a transformed product, a conversation between soil and ruminants.

During my travels and research I´ve come to understand milk as the expression of landscapes and a permanent bond with the creative female lineage. Regardless of who the mammal is, there is a universal truth coded in this liquid that makes it unique and powerful: the possibility of sustaining life. Nevertheless, easy access to homogenized, skimmed or ultra processed milk has created a division between scenes and has made us forget the value of this nutritious liquid.

Under the collapsed food system we live in, milk as an essential product is processed in poor environments that reduce the quality of animal livestock, deplete the soil and degrade the microorganism; which are able to pre-digest our nutrients. The consequence is that the value of food is being misunderstood. I believe that a brighter journey forward starts by reconsidering what we know as food today. With this piece, I try to cultivate the awareness of choosing to consume real milk.

Pure White

Some things are refined

Sugar, wheat, rice



But what is it with milk?

I ask

That is pure white

She is medicine

Is life force

white blood out the udder

Milk is what she wants

Liquid or solid

nutritious white

or yellow fat

Universal mother

playful delight


all she needs to survive

Grandmother was caring

she taught abundance,


She as milk,

both un- refined .


Alexa Maithé Henry

Honduran emergent artist Alexa Maithé reflects on how life is a constant transient state. A never- ending process of interconnection, duality and movement. This constant motion narrates an important metaphor of continuous loss as a unique form of living. Artistic limitations continuously challenge her to evolve her painting, sculpture, design & drawing techniques.

Maithé´s work invites the experiencer to make new personal associations & and transformations that reinforce to identify with an origin.

Mercedes Moreno

Guatemalan based cheesemaker and writer Mercedes Moreno has been empirically studying the art of cheese since when her grandmother shared this craft with her. Traveling documentation around Europe, United States and México have helped her enrich the knowledge related to agriculture, farming and the philosophy around Natural Cheese and milk´s fermentation.

Mercedes believes cheese is a spiritual practice that englobes the infinity of the present moment.

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