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SOURCED is a public research project aimed at developing lines of inquiry into our relationships with food and drink. ​

The project takes an interdisciplinary approach to understand the intersection of culture and commerce in these systems. ​ Each research season will focus on an ingredient for a few months at a time, which will be introduced with a syllabus and reading list so you can conduct your own research along with us.

We also work on long-term research projects, click here for more details.

We want our global food and drink systems to reflect empathetic, transparent and inclusive practices.

SOURCED produces lines of inquiry into food and drink systems, not answers. This is a collaborative project that thrives on questioning. 
SOURCED engages conversations about the impact of food and drink systems through interviews, research, live and digital events. 

Why Ingredients?

Our global food culture is a result of trade routes and human migration. When we start to examine ingredients, the threads of culinary, cultural, environmental and political conversations show themselves. In this research, we are examining these threads and constantly searching for ways to broaden representation of food cultures in media, academia and in kitchens.

We believe food and drink are biological and cultural rights.

We seek to decolonise culinary experiences.

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