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With backgrounds in restaurants, academia and food journalism, Dr. Anna Sulan Masing and Chloe-Rose Crabtree embrace the culinary world as insiders and researchers. 

Both are currently London-based but have collectively lived in 6 countries which lends to their unique perspectives on how food and culture travel. The pair also boast multi-cultural heritages which influence how they understand the concepts of authenticity and nostalgia in their work. 


Through Sourced, Anna and Chloe also lead round table discussions, interview panels, and intimate dinners that will take guests on ingredient-led explorations of sourcing as a concept and practice. 


Dr. Anna Sulan Masing

is a Malaysian-New Zealander based in London with a background in academia, theatre, journalism and restaurants. 


Her PhD looked at how identity changes when space and location changes, focusing on the indigenous Iban people of Sarawak, a community she is part of. The research sat in postcolonial feminist theory and performance practices, anchored in storytelling. One of the key throughlines was food, and the thesis structure looked at the cycle of farming. The work interrogated ideas around appropriation, authenticity and how race, gender and migration intersect with identity. 


In the last few years she has focused a lot of her writing on farmers and mapping the journey of ingredients having interviewed farmers from England, Sarawak, Texas, Los Angeles and at NASA. This has inspired her to investigate how ingredients travel and how the identities and meaning changes through the supply chain. Her debut book Chinese and Any Other Asian is out in February 2025 and available for preorder.


Chloe-Rose Crabtree

is an Angeleno with a career in the professional kitchen that spans over a decade and includes experience in pop-ups, fine dining, local cafes and catering. 

Her academic research is inspired by her Los Angeles upbringing and her  multiple heritages. She covers issues of food and identity, especially as they relate to assimilation culture and nationalism.


After completing an MA in History and Literature at Columbia University's Paris campus, she joined Culture Trip's editorial team as history editor where she used her expertise to create travel inspiration that was mindful of cultural history. 


She is currently based in London where she works as a chef and freelance journalist. Her food can be found at Bake Street and her recipe column can be read in Vittles Magazine.

Both are available for writing commissions and speaking engagements.
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