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Interview: Tyler Pederson, master distiller

Master Distiller at Westland Distillery, Tyler Pederson, discusses the importance of oak trees in whiskey making with Sourced founder Anna Sulan Masing. In particular they discuss the role an oak species, native to the PNW, plays in the making of Westland whiskey.

This conversation explores the complications of working with oak, the importance of looking after and the idea stewardship of native landscapes, and about always looking to the future.

It is also a discussion about deliciousness and the flavours that oaks bring - it can be incredibly surprising!

For more reading on Westland are doing and have done in regards to oak and casks:

Quercus garryana oak trees, the native PNW oak.

Tyler Pederson is a seasoned whiskey maker hailing from Seattle, Washington, with a rich heritage in the culinary world. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in the restaurant industry, he embraced the art of using food and beverage to foster connections. With diverse experience spanning restaurants, bars, hotels, wineries, breweries, and as a market manager for an emerging bourbon brand, Tyler's journey led him to Westland Distillery in 2013. 

Since joining Westland, Tyler has immersed himself in every facet of distillery operations, from hands-on production to team management. His dedication to crafting exceptional whiskies is fueled by a deep understanding of the intricate interplay between agriculture and whiskey production. Beyond the distillery walls, Tyler actively contributes to his community, notably as the Chair of the Education Committee for the Washington Distillers Guild. His commitment to elevating local distilling practices and fostering sustainability has earned him recognition as Whisky Magazine’s 2023 Icons of Whiskey Global Distillery Manager of the Year. 

In November 2023, Tyler's was appointment as Master Distiller at Westland Distillery.

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