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Interview: Panayiotis Savva by Yolanda Evans

Yolanda, a drinks writer based in Berlin, interviews Panayiotis (Pan) about how he ages spirits in gourds.

In 2009 Pan opened a venue that was a hybrid between a recording studio and a bar focusing on live music and craft beer, in Cyprus. Here became interested in developing a sense of craft throughout the bar programme, and ignited an interest in aged cocktails that led him to create a way of ageing cocktails in gourds based on the history of Cyprus.

As well as ageing gourds Pan runs an R&D studio and various hospitality projects - follow Pan on instagram @pansavva

Yolanda Evans is a drink and travel writer on the run for the last 18 years. She travels the world to drink and seek out obscure booze knowledge. These days, she’s based in Berlin where she spends her free time bar-hopping around the city.

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