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  • Anna Sulan Masing

Interview: Doug Bierend

The great thing about having ingredient lead seasons is that it allows us to approach big topics, with a very specific focus. Anna spoke to Doug about fungi through the lens of water - this was water as an ingredient and as part of an environment, and also with our concept of migration in mind.

These were naturally starting points, as the conversation took on a life of its own! It all too short of a conversation and we might have to have Doug back again - there is a lot to talk about when it comes to fungi!

Doug Bierend is author of the new book In search of 'Mycotopia: Citizen Science, Fungi Fanatics, and the Untapped Potential of Mushrooms'. He is a freelance journalist writing about science and technology, food, and education, and the various ways they point to a more equitable and sustainable world. His byline appears in Wired, The Atlantic, Vice, Motherboard, The Counter, Outside Magazine, Civil Eats, and numerous other publications.

Photo credit: headshot by Alanna Burns, others curtesy of Doug

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