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  • Anna Sulan Masing

Season 1.1: The Tutorials

This season examined the existence and creation of current culinary systems and their significance both culturally and commercially. As we contemplate what we want from a new culinary system we will examine how change can be enacted. The ingredient for the inaugural season of Sourced will be origin. In our tutorials we look to discuss the season’s topic in a broad and thoughtful way, to address issues in research, give context, try and be self-critical as well as sharing what knowledge we have and are gaining.

We hope that these sessions will be become more interactive, please do join us and ask questions! Let us know what you would like to discuss as well, that will push us into researching new things, maybe have guests – we are open to develop these sessions as best to serve you.

What are culinary systems? Anna Sulan and Chloe-Rose introduce themselves, SOURCED, and what they think culinary systems are.

Decolonisation - why it’s important Thinking about binaries and what research is available to work from and to incorporate a decolonised active outlook into the work.

Origins and Traditions What are origins and traditions? How do these ideas shape food and drink media? Are these ideas useful when we think of progress in food and drink? Anna and Chloe discuss their thoughts on the topic and how their work is informed by these ideas.

Transparency Anna and Chloe talk about how their experiences with academia shape their views on transparency and what kind of transparency they want to see in food media. They also talk about how Sourced is being built as a community resource and what the future holds

The Ten series in review… and also Coffee & Global Systems! For the last tutorial of the season, Anna and Chloe discuss the thought process behind ‘The Ten’ interview series and dive deep into the question ‘What did you last pay for a cup of coffee?’

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