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  • Anna Sulan Masing

Interview: Rosalind Cooper

Anna interviewed Rosalind Cooper, wine writer and author who has recently launched a project around rosé, a drink she feels is not always represented fairly or given its proper dues.

Rosalind has been working in wine since the 70s and has had a career that has spanned being one of the first importers of Californian wines to the UK, to numerous books, working for magazines and is currently working on a novel.

She has seen, and been part of, an industry that has changed hugely in the last few decades, but key to her beliefs is that wine should be for everyone, and has always been focused on making conversations about wine accessible.

Anna and Rosalind discuss these changes, and Rosalind's books – including A Year in Wine - and of course, The Rosé Report (follow on instagram as well!)

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