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  • Anna Sulan Masing

Interview: Chanchala Gunewardena

Anna speaks to Chanchala Gunewardena, Founder /CEO Kimbula Kithul, about how taking her product across oceans and seas is the way to continue to develop the craft of this traditional ingredient.

Chanchala has created a syrup produced from the flower sap of the towering kithul (fishtail palm) tree, which is uniquely to Sri Lankan. People have been making and using this syrup in many things - including drinks - for a long time, but shifts in industry has meant the focus on hyper local differences, or simply using independent farmers and producers, has waned and the craft element is getting forgotten. It is this that Chancala wants to change with her company!

So we discuss ideas around how to do this, and bringing in the international community and industry. We delved into ideas of craft and tradition and how ingredients travel .

Images from one of the farms, and of how the syrup is used.

Profile photo credit: Sashini Gamage

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