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Sourced Research Projects

At Sourced we are interested in supporting, collaborating and conducting ongoing and long term research, alongside our seasonal publishing structure. With our research projects we apply for funding specific to the projects, and collaborate with organisations to conduct in-depth research. 

All research projects are aligned to our overall aims and ethos - to explore specific ingredients, investigate global sourcing systems, take a decolonising approach to research. 

Sarawak Coffee Culture


Sourced is collaborating with scholars and researches based in Malaysia and London whose lives are intricately linked to, and by, Sarawak. The team's fascination with coffee and their understanding of storytelling practices is enabling them to turn inward, to look at coffee culture in Sarawak.


This research project will be documenting farmers and farming, recording stories, tracking histories, and hoping to build a more diverse understanding of coffee, culture, small-holder agriculture and indigenous farming of global commodities. Follow the work on Instagram @sarawakcoffeeculture where they will track the process of this project, and the research will be published publicly in due course.

This research is lead by Dr Bertha Chin, a senior lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak), who specialises in media and cultural studies; Raine Melissa Riman, a PhD Candidate at Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak) exploring the world of Southeast Asian food identity and politics; Dr Anna Sulan Masing, a food and culture academic, writer and editor based in London; Emma Masing, an early career researcher and archivist.

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