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SOURCED: launch

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

SOURCED was started because we realised the work we wanted to create had very few venues for publication. We want to lead discussions that we feel is often missing within food media as a whole. The work we want to produce is accessible research on food and drink culture with a decolonialised perspective, that is inclusive and global. Within this cultural space gatekeepers have restricted the variety of voices that are allowed to be heard and seen. As academics who work with food we wanted to create a space for experts to showcase and share their research while engaging in a community that views food and food culture as political, complicated and expressive.

We think our research and published work will be beneficial learning for those in and around the food and drink world and have created this space to operate as a place of wider information sharing that can be implemented on a daily basis.

We hope people see us as a resource but also as a place for interesting stories about food and drink. Whilst we strive for academic rigor in our research pieces we also want to engage in a conversation that is both relatable and challenges traditional media. With all these things combined, we hope individuals and organisations will support this project through subscribing to our paid for newsletter; for example we hope food or drink organisations would pay for their staff to be monthly subscribers, as well as individuals signing up. We are also open to discuss sponsorship, funds and grants.

Research includes literary research, qualitative research such as interviews and practice-based research from events to working in the field. This research will be presented within accessible, narrative-based pieces such as articles, film, instagram live tutorials, and live events.

Our immediate publishing plan is as follows:

Monthly tutorials on Instagram live

Twice monthly newsletters (subscribed)

One a month newsletters (free)

Various articles, interviews & research

Season 1.1: The is an introduction to the idea of origins, systems and ingredients

Season 1.2: Soil (Jan 2021 - March 2021)

Season 1.3: Water (April 2021 - June 2121)

Season 1.4: Cinnamon (July 2021 - Sept 2021)

Season 2.1: Wheat (Oct 2021 - Dec 2021)

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