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Interview: Anna Higham and Tom Maynard

London-based pastry chef and writer Anna Higham has long been visiting Maynard's Fruit Farm in Sussex to procure berries, plums, currants and more to put on her menus. Many of the photos In her debut book The Last Bite are from these trips and her long-standing relationship with grower Tom Maynard has helped her to understand when and where to find the best fruit on the farm.

Listen to Anna speak with Tom about how closer relationships between chefs and farmers is something the industry should push for, not only as a matter of getting tastier ingredients but also as a way to fully appreciate the labour behind the ingredients we use.

Images courtesy of Miles Hardwick and Anna Higham


Chef and Writer Anna Higham made her name as Executive pastry chef at Lyles and Flor then at The River Cafe before publishing her first cookbook, The Last Bite in the spring. The Last Bite is a love letter to seasonal, ingredient led puddings and brings together a decade of pastry experience in London and New York.

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