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2.2 Water

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The Sourced Water season focuses in on two major questions about water and its role in our culinary systems:

  1. As an ingredient, how does water affect the things we eat, drink and crave?

  2. How does overseas migration impact culinary expression and tastes?

Water is crucial to a functioning culinary system. Water access determines where and how our food is cultivated. We use water to cook, clean, ferment and transport food and drink. It is the primary ingredient in our bodies and the things that nourish it.

While the first question deals with water directly as an ingredient, our second question brings our focus to migration and the articulations of diaspora cuisine. Waterways have carried foods, culture and people for much of human history. Whether by choice or otherwise this movement has resulted in diaspora communities around the world each with unique culinary nostalgias that link them to heritage and tradition. We will be looking at how these culinary practices are shaped by history, ingredient access and notions of ‘authenticity’.



Minari - by Lee Isaac Chung


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