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Why does this research matter?

As the world recalibrates, now is the time to actively investigate what we want a 'new normal' to look like. Both founders have brought their expertise and previous work together to build a future that they want to be part of. 

SOURCED believes time is of the essence, and is therefore entirely self funded. It takes a lot of time and effort to ensure thoughtful, detailed and dedicated research. Your support would be greatly appreciated through a paid subscription to our newsletter where you will receive special interviews, access to discussions, editorial insights and bonus reading lists.


SOURCED events including panels, interviews and supper clubs

SOURCED to host an annual symposium 

SOURCED to publish quarterly magazine

SOURCED to have a fully paid team of five, both part-time & full-time.

SOURCED Productions to provide a platform where stories of identity and food can be expressed creatively alongside the academic-minded work.

SOURCED has big goals, here are the key things we want to achieve:

In the meantime, this is our plan for Season One


We are looking and exploring funding and grant opportunities. Please get in contact if you would like to support this initiative. 

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